Furnishing Your Medford Luxury Apartment

July 18, 2022

Decorating and Space Tips

Settling into a new apartment can be fun! If you want to make your new home comfortable and inviting, there are a few things you can do to achieve that warm, uncluttered feel. Beautiful interior design is the key. Below are some great design strategies that you can incorporate to achieve the goal you’re after.

  • An upholstered ottoman can have many roles – a coffee table, a footrest, or even extra seating.
  • Keep seating intimate. This, along with rugs in neutral tones will keep things cozy. To add color, add dramatic artwork and task lighting to walls.
  • Don’t fill every single inch of usable space, although you may feel tempted. In this case, less is more. You don’t want your space to look overcrowded. Instead of a sectional, you can float two small sofas across from each other.
  • To save floor space, install lighting that can be attached to the walls or hung from the ceiling instead of floor lamps. Use a swing-arm sconce to bring dimension to the walls.
  • Bringing light into the area will always make the space more inviting. Maximize this by getting semi-sheer window coverings. This will allow the greatest amount of natural light in as possible.
  • A trunk-type coffee table will provide extra storage space for throws, pillows and other living room necessities.
  • Fewer pieces of furniture will help the area look less cluttered. Use a daybed or one piece of a sectional with a side table instead of a coffee table in front of the sofa.
  • Use area rugs to separate the different sections if needed.
  • Thanks to the tiny house trend, there are ingenious furniture items that serve many purposes or fold up. Desks, beds, and dining tables come in styles that can be “put away” to make more room.
  • Hang artwork a bit higher. This will draw the eye up giving the room more height. If you have a gallery wall, be sure to bring it to the ceiling otherwise it will make the room look too busy. The illusion of higher ceilings can also be created by using lower sofas and side chairs.
  • Keep walls and ceilings white. To add color to smaller areas, stick to a tight color palette when decorating. You can use pastels or bright colors as long as the palette is the same. You can also mix patterns within reason.
  • Make a room multi-purpose – family room and home office can be the same room if the furniture is carefully selected.
  • Add plants and flowers to make a room feel airy and fresh.
  • Think of a creative way that an empty corner or alcove may serve some functionality instead of leaving it as wasted space.

There are so many ideas to creatively use space at Autumn Park Luxury Apartments in Medford. Call us today to see our diverse floor plans and make this your happy home in Medford, NJ.