Great Tips on Helping You Move

June 7, 2022
Learn from the Experts at Autumn Park Apartments

Our affordable apartments in Medford, NJ are move-in ready so your move will be a lot less stressful. Wherever you may be moving from, whether it’s from the sunny state of California or the Southern Plains of the U.S., no one likes a chaotic, time-consuming moving process. Here are some expert moving tips to make your move less stressful.

If you’re leaving your current area, do research

Research your new city. Does it have a shopping district? How are the schools? What is the weather year-round? Getting to know your new city and neighborhood ahead of time will get you excited and comfortable with your new surroundings.

Don’t bring what you won’t need

As you’re packing, ask yourself, “Do I need this or will I use it?” Declutter before packing items in a box that will end up taking up storage in your new place. Consider donating furniture, clothes, and other “stuff” you no longer need. What may be your junk, is someone else’s treasure. So, if it’s collecting dust, let it go! Make this move your fresh start.

Make a list of things to be done

During this taxing time, it’s so easy to forget even important things. If you have a moving checklist, you won’t forget a thing. Make your own or find a checklist online. By checking things off that you’ve already packed, you’ll be organized and stress-free.

Pack in advance with free boxes

Start weeks ahead of time so you’re not scrambling at the last minute. This will alleviate a lot of stress in the long run. You know you won’t be using the holiday china so pack it away first. Why pay for moving boxes? Your local grocery or big-box store will have boxes that they’re just going to recycle anyway. If you know you’ll be storing things like Christmas decorations, get plastic bins and get organized. Don’t forget to pack the fragile items in good packing material such as packing paper and bubble wrap to prevent breakage.

Have necessities readily available

Here is one of the best packing tips that you can use to reduce stress on moving day. Items like your toothbrush, toilet paper, medications, cleaning supplies, and clothes should be packed last. Be sure to have them separate from other items so you know where they can be found at a moment’s notice. Label the box “Open Me First” so you know where these essentials are. The best advice, put this box in the back of your car in case the moving truck gets delayed.

Don’t forget the change of address with the Post Office

This needs to be done at least seven to ten days ahead of time. You’ll get a confirmation and you may even receive a packet of coupons to welcome you to the area.

Transfer and/or research home service providers

Some of your current home service providers may not be available in your new area so be sure to check. If they are, schedule the service transfer. If not, research your local providers in advance of the move. Your service should be canceled on the day you move and a new service should be installed at your new address.

Measure, measure, measure

If possible, measure doorways to prevent damage when moving large objects. Know exactly where the furniture will be placed so you can instruct the moving company, thereby saving you the backbreaking task of rearranging things after they leave.

Clean and paint

Before doing anything, clean and paint. However, if you are moving into an apartment, both should already be done.

Following these tips, it will save you time and stress. Your move can be a positive and enjoyable experience. A fresh start is something to look forward to, not dread.

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