How To Be a Good Tenant

September 21, 2022
Everything Autumn Park Apartments at Medford Wants You to Know

Property Management goes to great lengths to find trustworthy tenants because they want tenants who honor their lease terms and respect the community. Some qualities can make you stand out in the crowd and give your application a gold star, but others can make it harder to get accepted as a tenant. Below you will find tips on how to be a good tenant.

Is your rent paid on time each month?

On time rent payments save you and property management a lot of stress and hassle. If you sometimes forget your rent payment, the best advice is to set up a recurring online payment.

If you run into financial difficulties, be honest about your situation to maintain trust with property management.

Do you have guests for months at a time?

Most apartment leases frown on long-term guests because these guests do not get screened. If you plan to have a long term guest, talk to property management before it happens. Any incidents that may arise can put YOU at risk because your guest’s name is not on your lease! Although renters insurance may get you out of a bind, according to your lease, you will be responsible for damage or any other infractions that occur.

Do you report maintenance issues right away?

Property Management wants to protect Autumn Park Apartments long term. Let property management know of water leaks, HVAC system failure, or electrical issues as these can grow into more serious problems if they are not addressed promptly.

Are you keeping things clean?

Keeping your apartment neat and clean from everyday wear and tear will prevent pests and ensure you will get your security deposit at the end of your lease. A suggestion is to deep clean and disinfect your unit a few times a year to keep up with the everyday dirt and grime that builds up like dirt around door knobs and light switches.

Landlord-tenant relationships are important to the staff at Autumn Park Apartment at Medford in Medford, NJ. We look forward to talking with you about our property and possibly signing a lease with us. Apply online today!